[vorbis] My Vorbis beta 2 impressions

Keeshond keeshond_uk at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 22 10:03:57 PDT 2000

> > I was browsing through pages on www.mp3licensing.com , and
> > there is a list of patents held by Thomson MM & FhG IIS (tons of it).
> > It looks impossible to write a codec without breaking some of their
> > patents?

> Yes, it's tricky.  But you have to read more than just the titles.  Also,
> to make any kind of reasonable claim you need to have a law degree.  We
> have very good lawyers, which is a benefit of being associated with icast.

Yes, I agree.  The project needs people's attention.  And that, it's not
only tricky but also ridiculous.  I admit their contributions to compressed
formats but at least some of them shouldn't be monopolized by them.  You
know, in democracy, we have rights to claim as well as they do.  First,
Vorbis has to be proven as an attractive format to people so that the
project can get better support in terms of public opinion and money, of
course.  ;o)  That's one of the reasons why we've got this mailing list
isn't it?  People first, not the law.

Cheers, Keeshond.

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