[Vorbis-dev] Status of vorbis-tahseen branch -- OggSkeleton support in vorbisfile

Tahseen Mohammad tahseen.mohammad at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 10:35:05 PDT 2006


vorbis-tahseen is the branch I'm using for my soc project regarding
OggSkeleton support in libvorbisfile. After adding an initial support
of OggSkeleton, I attempted to also add support for handling vorbis
stream in a theora file. As it now seemed a bit more involved work,
I've stopped working on that for the moment. The present version of
vorbis-tahseen only supports OggSkeleton while remaining binary
compatibility (my earlier commits broke compatibility).

Please, if possible check the branch and give feedbacks.

Anyone interseted in working for theora support can look at my eariler
works, though it wouldn't help much. If anyone is intersted on this,
the best way for it maybe to modify the _get_*_page method to skip any
non-vorbis pages. How to know which type of stream (vorbis/theora) a
certain page belongs to would be a challenge because of binary
compatibility issue. I did attempt to make such modification but
failed for my lack of understanding of how excactly those methods
works. I do plan to work on this in future, when I get some free time.


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