[Vorbis-dev] rehuff

Fabio fabio.ped at libero.it
Tue Aug 22 01:14:40 PDT 2006

reading old messages in the archive I found this mail:

> p.s.  For those wondering, I soon will package up rehuff, and
> put a user interface on it etc.  It will be GPL.  I just need
> to find the time (and incentive) to do it.  Fanmail wouldn't
> hurt... (doh)

This is my fanmail :)

I have retried the old version of rehuff:

with the following fixes:

and with libogg-1.1.3, hoping that latest version of libogg should have fixed the seeking bug, but seems the bug is still here (is this a bug of libogg not yet fixed?) and I get a lot of these error on rehuffed ogg files:
Negative granulepos on vorbis stream outside of headers. This file was created by a buggy encoder

However, decoding the rehuffed ogg file, I get the same wav of the original ogg file, and the file size of the rehuffed file is over 4% smaller on a large set of files encoded at q-2 with aoTuV beta 4.51 (but on some not music files I get a reduction of over 12%!).

Would really be nice if a newer improved version will be released, or a fixed and free licensed version of the old version.

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