[Vorbis-dev] Re: win32 sdk

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Fri Sep 24 01:15:10 PDT 2004

Also a couple of other things...

It would be good to have a macro which unfolds on windows builds to 
explicitly state that the function exports are __cdecl convention... because 
currently if you want to link against a __stdcall program/library you have 
to rewrite the header file.

See this one for example... 
of a rewritten header file.

Also... another suggestion... provide everything as .zip files as well as 
.tar.gz (i think only the ogg source releases currently do) and refer to 
them as such rather than just "tarballs"... all windows versions can handle 
.zip out of the box... .tar.gz needs 3rd party apps on windows. And people 
not down with the unix lingo, may not know what it means... also many people 
if they see .tar.gz won't recognise it and will assume it's not for windows, 
and even if they recognise it and know what it is, it's very rarely used on 
windows, so it's usually a safe bet that something .tar.gz is not intended 
for windows users.


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> Zen,
> Now that we have new releases out, could we interest you in doing a new
> version of the win32 sdk? It's different from your directshow plugins,
> but is used by quite a few windows developers, especially in the game
> market, so I think it's worthwhile to maintain separately.
> The idea is just to have a set of project files, examle code and
> pre-built dlls so people can immediately start using the library.
> And updated OggDropXP would be a nice side project from there.
> We've also had complaints about runtime linking issues and so on with
> the existing build, so it would be great to have someone who can
> actually verify this stuff to own the releases. Feel free to add support
> for other xiph codecs, libfishsound, or whatever, but I'd say a tidy
> updated vorbis release is the first priority.
> Would you be up for that? As you said, our support of win32 isn't great,
> and this is another way you can help. :)
> Cheers,
> -r

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