[vorbis-dev] Port of current Ogg Vorbis implemention for ARM

Harold Chu harold at lochard.com.au
Thu Feb 13 22:21:05 PST 2003

> > I've tried a straight compile but the configure script
> refuses to let me
> > cross compile it.  libogg gives me this error message:
> We don't have any configure experts, really, so our configure
> scripts are
> somewhat problematic in complex situations like
> cross-compiling (autoconf
> lives up to its promise of not having to redo your build
> system for every
> target about as well as java does write-once-run-anywhere...)
> Anyway, libogg and libvorbis are pretty simple to build, you
> should be able to
> write yourself a functional Makefile very quickly (I've done
> this several
> times for various reasons).

Thanks.  All that is required is to change all references of gcc, ld, ar and
ranlib in the Makefiles and libtool.

> > > Expect it to be sloooooooow though.
> >
> > I'm wondering how slow it will be.  I don't need to encode
> at a high sample
> > rate.  Something near telephone quality will suffice.
> Might be possible. Just. If you don't want to do anything
> else with your cpu
> at the same time. Though this depends on the speed of the soft-float
> implementation, it may be that they're better than my mental
> estimates assumed.

Yep its very slow with no soft-float.  Strongarm and ARMV4 specific
optimisations help.  Without optimisations it took 30min to encode a 18sec
wav file.  Comparatively it took 30sec on a 400Mhz Geode (i386) board.  I
got it down to 2min with compile time optimisations and by download sampling
the input.

I'm trying right now to get Xscale and soft-float to work.  Fingers crossed.

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