[vorbis-dev] Blocked encoding question

Ronald Bos bosr at natlab.research.philips.com
Thu Feb 13 02:17:05 PST 2003

Hello everybody,

Since there is almost no documentation on the vorbis algorithm I have to
post some questions on this list. To remind you: I am trying to implement a
parallel (multithreaded) ogg encoder, using a manager-worker model.

1. About the vorbis algorithm. I plan to let the workers each process a
buffer of vorbis_blocks. The point is that each worker has to start
somewhere and can not use previous encoded blocks. A solution could be to
let each worker start a (few) block(s) earlier to 'seed'/initialize the
encoding process. Illustration:

thread 1 |-----|
thread 2     |-----|

After encoding, I discard these overlapping blocks. Is this needed? Can
someone shed his light on the dependency/correlation between the adjacent

2. In general, is there more documentation on the vorbis encoding algorithm?
This could be very useful in deciding if and how the encoding process can be
made parallel. I know quite a few things about digital signal coding theory
so don't be afraid to send me complex things.

Ronald Bos
BSc. Electrical Engineering
 Philips Research Laboratories
 E-mail: bosr at natlab.research.philips.com

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