[vorbis-dev] Re: Header structure for "video" stream ?

ChristianHJW christianhjw at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Sep 6 06:13:47 PDT 2002

"Philippe DUBY" <p.duby at asi.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> I am writing a tool that gives information on movie files
(http://avicodec.duby.info/) and I want to add ogg support.
> I have found full of information on ogg file format, vorbis file format,
but nothing on the "video" bitstreams that I can found in some ogg files
(with XVID movies mixed with vorbis audio for example).
> I can see that the "video" structe looks like this, but I'm searching
information on what I call Dummy fields :
> struct OGG_Video


the Ogg streams you found are not official Ogg streams, but a 'hack' created
by Tobias Waldvogel ( closed source ) and use a basic Directshow
implementation mainly targeted for Windows.

However, Moritz Bunkus has created suitable tools for Linux recently to be
found here :  http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/ogmtools/index.html

He is a very nice and clever guy and obviously managed to reverse engineer
Tobias implementation ( maybe with Tobias' help ?? ), as the files created
on Linux are about 95% compatible with Tobias' Dshow filters for Windows (
some minor probs with order of audio streams ). He might be able to help you
i guess ....


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