[vorbis-dev] Header structure for "video" stream ?

Philippe DUBY p.duby at asi.fr
Fri Sep 6 02:40:23 PDT 2002

I am writing a tool that gives information on movie files (http://avicodec.duby.info/) and I want to add ogg support.

I have found full of information on ogg file format, vorbis file format, but nothing on the "video" bitstreams that I can found in some ogg files (with XVID movies mixed with vorbis audio for example).
I can see that the "video" structe looks like this, but I'm searching information on what I call Dummy fields :
struct OGG_Video
        WORD	wDummy0;
        DWORD	dwFCC;
    DWORD	dwDummy1;
    DWORD	dwFps;
    DWORD	dwDummy3;
    DWORD	dwDummy4;
    DWORD	dwDummy5;
    DWORD	dwDummy6;
    DWORD	dwDummy7;
    DWORD	dwDummy8;
    DWORD	dwWidth;
    DWORD	dwHeight;
    DWORD	dwDummy9;

Thanks for your help, I know that this list is not really the good one, but I don't know where to ask for it.


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