[vorbis-dev] Perl wrapper for libvorbisfile or stuff

Alex Shinn foof at synthcode.com
Tue Jul 10 19:45:46 PDT 2001

>>>>> "Magnus" == Magnus von Köller <m.koeller at gmx.net> writes:

    Magnus> Hey guys, I wrote to this list previously, saying I needed
    Magnus> a perl module to do Ogg Vorbis tag reading /
    Magnus> writing. People pretty much pointed me to the Ogg::Vorbis
    Magnus> module that wrapped around libvorbisfile and I should
    Magnus> extend that to writing streams, not only reading
    Magnus> them. Well, awright, I thought, let's do it. Problem is,
    Magnus> though: The download links on freshmeat are all broken and
    Magnus> I don't know where to find this library.  Does anyone,
    Magnus> please, still have this laying around, or even better,

It's in cpan.  And the new page is http://synthcode.com/code/vorbis/.

    Magnus> give me some smart way how I can do this without hardcore
    Magnus> hacking ('cuz I don't know A THING about wrapping C
    Magnus> functions and stuff).  Maybe somebody wants to do this for
    Magnus> me 'cuz you don't have anything else to do? Well, just a
    Magnus> try ...

If you don't anything about wrapping C functions, you may want to
avoid XS like the plague :) It might be more worthwhile redoing the
wrapper in SWIG (which would be two steps in the direction of wrapping
vorbis for every language SWIG supports), or check out Inline::C,
which is *very* easy to work with.

    Magnus> P.S.: I'm now subscribed to this list. Geez, cool, heh? It
    Magnus> just means I'm receiving over 100 mails a day. Just from
    Magnus> mailing lists. That SUCKS.

That's what procmail is for (and why I'm first reading this 3 days
after it was posted ;)

Alex Shinn <foof at synthcode.com>

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