[vorbis-dev] patch for title(?) segmentation fault

Daniel Resare noa at metamatrix.se
Sun Jul 8 01:28:45 PDT 2001

On Sat, Jul 07, 2001 at 07:07:24PM -0600, Bill Currie wrote:
> oggenc -b 128 -d 1985 -N 01 -t "Black Planet" -l "First and Last and Always" -a "Sisters of Mercy" track01.cdda.wav
> segs in free in simple_utf8_encode. I tracked it down to a mis-calculated
> buffer size for malloc. I've attached the patch that fixes it (for me:).
> The only problem I have with the rest of the code is figuring out how the
> terminating 0 (null, whatever:) gets into unicode, I can't see anywhere that
> sets it, so I'm suprised make_utf8_string doesn't cause any problems.
> Bill
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> Leave others their otherness. -- Aratak

Wrote that, found that, fixed that. It seems liked Michael applied an
early version of my patch. I have since then fixed two serious bugs which
are both announced on the webpage http://noa.tm/vorbis-utf8/ and on this
list (http://www.xiph.org/archives/vorbis-dev/200104/0009.html and
http://www.xiph.org/archives/vorbis-dev/200105/0193.html) I will send in
a patch against cvs later today, if no one beats me :)


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