[vorbis-dev] Mac OS X / Darwin patch for vorbis-tools

volsung at asu.edu volsung at asu.edu
Tue Jan 30 05:16:47 PST 2001

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Michael Smith wrote:

> In terms of what happens at runtime - yes, that's cleaner. However, it
> makes a huge mess of the source. 
> Also consider what might happen if we added file output plugins that used
> an external library (one that speaks many file formats, for example) - that
> might not be present, so we need dynamic loading again.

Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of libsndfile or libaudiofile.

> >  And finally, I notice that the null and wav modules are statically
> linked, so it seems like there is room for statically linking things that
> are known to always work.
> Yes, known to ALWAYS work. Any platform, any time, guaranteed. In theory,
> anyway.

And, unfortunately, the way that the static output drivers are put into the
driver list makes selective compilation a pain.

> Anyway, I'm not the libao maintainer, so I don't have final say on this.
> Someone else may think differently.

Jack did all the work converting libao from static to dynamic drivers, so I
want his take on the matter.

[Speaking of libao drivers: Is anyone going to commit my raw output driver
patch?  See http://www.xiph.org/archives/vorbis-dev/0266.html for details.]

Stan Seibert

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