[vorbis-dev] Mac OS X / Darwin patch for vorbis-tools

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Jan 29 23:23:31 PST 2001

>  Yes, I could write a dl compatibility library in terms of Mach-O dyld
(and I have one that works reasonably well), but carrying around this code
would just be useless baggage.  It seems far cleaner to use static linking
when appropriate.

In terms of what happens at runtime - yes, that's cleaner. However, it
makes a huge mess of the source. 

Also consider what might happen if we added file output plugins that used
an external library (one that speaks many file formats, for example) - that
might not be present, so we need dynamic loading again.

>  And finally, I notice that the null and wav modules are statically
linked, so it seems like there is room for statically linking things that
are known to always work.

Yes, known to ALWAYS work. Any platform, any time, guaranteed. In theory,

Anyway, I'm not the libao maintainer, so I don't have final say on this.
Someone else may think differently.


p.s. PLEASE fix your mail client - it doesn't wrap lines (at all), which is
really annoying.

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