[vorbis-dev] BCB build successful?

David K. Gasaway dgasaway at bigvalley.net
Mon Jan 29 23:19:46 PST 2001

Ha ha!  I'm don't know what change I made that cleared up the 
errors, but I can figure that out later.  Of course, I immediately 
tested my new oggenc.

Using the same input file and default options, I get these results:

        File length:  4m 21.0s
        Elapsed time: 0m 54.0s
        Rate:         4.8333
        Average bitrate: 129.6 kb/s
        File size: 4,229,428

        File length:  4m 21.0s
        Elapsed time: 1m 14.0s
        Rate:         3.5270
        Average bitrate: 128.4 kb/s
        File size: 4,190,289

The performance issue doesn't bother me; perhaps that one 
assembler routine in os.h can account for the difference?  Besides, 
this was hardly a controlled test and I made only one run each.

I have to assume the source I used is different from the source that 
compiled into the MSVC version I have.  Otherwise the output 
bitrate and file size should be identical, correct?

I'm hoping I can connect with someone so that I can make a better 
comparative test.

David K. Gasaway
dgasaway at comports.com
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29 January 2001

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