[vorbis-dev] prebeta4 tarballs

Aleksandar Dovnikovic aldov at EUnet.yu
Tue Jan 23 13:15:43 PST 2001

"Monty" <xiphmont at xiph.org> wrote:

> Beta 4 uses a new noise metric (that should be more accurate) and
> codebooks that render much finer tones. Those are the major
> quality differences.  Does it really sound worse or just slightly
> different?
> If the answer is definately worse, send test samples.

OK, I've done some more testing... it doesn't sound worse
overall (maybe it was more a psychological thing, when I
saw lower bitrates and after hearing castanets.wav, 
I thought that it should sound worse all the time...... silly me... :-) ).

But there are some subtle high-frequency artifacts in this pre-beta,
and they are not there (or less audible) in beta3. I'm
sending you a small clip (with explanation), check it out.

Also, horn.wav still doesn't sound correctly. There is definitely an
improvement from b3, but there is still some noise introduced that's
easy to hear. Even at mode -b 350 there is still some noise introduced.
Mode -b 350 gives 108.6kbps with this test sample, -b 256 94.2kbps,
and -b 192 85.6kbps. Pretty low bitrates are probably because there are
almost no frequencies above 4kHz to encode, but maybe the VBR is
still being pretty conservative in giving bits with this one.
You should have this sample, I mailed it to you a couple months ago -
but if you do not have it, I'll re-send it.


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