[vorbis-dev] prebeta4 tarballs

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Tue Jan 23 11:37:55 PST 2001

> I haven't done much testing, but castanets.wav (the first file I always
> use when testing new codecs/encoders) sounds worse then beta3
> (using -b 192 mode), maybe because it gives lower average
> bitrate (about -4kbps).

I'll check this one more carefully.

> I've tried few other test tracks (mostly music clips), and pre-beta4
> gave lower avg. bitrates, around ~10kbps lower (I tested only
> -b 192 mode), and some of the clips sounded slightly worse
> then beta3.

Beta 4 uses a new noise metric (that should be more accurate) and
codebooks that render much finer tones. Those are the major
quality differences.  Does it really sound worse or just slightly

If the answer is definately worse, send test samples.

> But since this is just the pre-beta version, I'll wait for the official
> beta4 version before doing more extensive listening tests...

It's only 'pre' to help us shake out any last minute bugs.  If you
have a test sample that points out any problem, now is the time to let
us know.


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