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Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Jan 22 01:13:21 PST 2001

At 12:15 AM 1/22/01 -0800, you wrote:
>> I foresee a problem here, with the UI, namely that it won't be portable.
>> Unless someone knows of a good cross-platform gui package I don't see
>> how we can make one program that works on Windows (native gui), Linux
>> (GTK? QT?), BeOS (native) etc. So there'd have to be either a whole
>> bunch of programs, or we'd need to create an abstraction layer in
>> between the app and the GUI part.
>The vorbis comment routines should be part of the api, at least the
>parts that are reasonable.  I believe mike did those changes already.

The comment editing routines are sitting in
vorbis-tools/vorbiscomment/vcedit.[ch], right now. It might be worthwhile
cleaning them up to use a more flexible interface (currently tied to pure
STDIO - probably want to do something like what vorbisfile does), plugging
the leaks (I suspect it leaks on any sort of failure, though I think it's
alright when it CAN read the file), and bringing it into the main vorbis
module as an extra library. 

What do you think?

>> > What I'm emphasizing is using the already existing standard of ID tags in
>> > compressed music. This would make commenting availible through a wide
range of
>> > platforms and players.
>> But there's an Ogg tag standard already! (I think, Monty/Jack?)
>Yes, several standard tags are defined in vcomment.html.  If you have
>any additional suggestoins, post them :)

Not an ogg tag standard, but a vorbis one. Of course, other ogg codecs will
probably use a similarly designed system, and share the same standard set
of tags. But yes, they're defined (along with detailed documentation of the
comment system in general) in vcomment.html (is that on the website yet,
with the other vorbis/ogg documentation?)


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