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Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Mon Jan 22 00:15:53 PST 2001

> I foresee a problem here, with the UI, namely that it won't be portable.
> Unless someone knows of a good cross-platform gui package I don't see
> how we can make one program that works on Windows (native gui), Linux
> (GTK? QT?), BeOS (native) etc. So there'd have to be either a whole
> bunch of programs, or we'd need to create an abstraction layer in
> between the app and the GUI part.

The vorbis comment routines should be part of the api, at least the
parts that are reasonable.  I believe mike did those changes already.
As for cross platform GUI stuff, I'm a fan of GTK, which is maturing
quite nicely for win32.  But, a lot of times, win32 users use
applications differently that people do in Linux.  That's why there's a
win32-tools module, with win32 specific tools in there.  Considering
that marketshare that win32 has, and the trivial amount of code
involved, there should probably be a win32 only comment gui.  Win32 API
isn't that hard, (look at the oggdrop source), and any decent book will
get you going fairly quickly.

> > What I'm emphasizing is using the already existing standard of ID tags in
> > compressed music. This would make commenting availible through a wide range of
> > platforms and players.
> But there's an Ogg tag standard already! (I think, Monty/Jack?)

Yes, several standard tags are defined in vcomment.html.  If you have
any additional suggestoins, post them :)


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