[vorbis-dev] A masking test program

Gregory Maxwell greg at linuxpower.cx
Fri Jan 5 20:49:24 PST 2001

On Sat, Jan 06, 2001 at 05:31:18AM +0100, Robert Voigt wrote:
> > You should administrate a hearing test at the begining,
> It measures the threshold of hearing with tone and then with noise before
> the masking test.

Saw that. Sorry. :)
> > insert listening breaks,
> It is planned to add the functionality to save and restore sessions. Let
> the user decide when he's had enough, or do you mean people should have a
> break after a few minutes, because hearing changes?

Hearing changes, becomes desensitized.
Also, I would rather have people give up (geez, I have to listen to silence
or play a beep speed test (with seconds of silence between chirps) rather then
speed through the test and give inaccurate results.

> > and perhaps collect for stats for analysis (i.e. at least age),
> This is already implemented. Try it and see if you like. It's just a
> proposal of mine and is meant to be changed.

Stupid problems with libao.

> > also insert enough dummys for sample rejection.
> I don't understand. What samples do you mean?

Insert tests that people will obviously 'fail' if their hearing or equipment
is totally shot or they are operating carelessly or they are trying to
pollute the sample set.

(I.e. masking tests where no masking could logically be occuring)

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