[vorbis-dev] moved doc site.

Erik J. Kruus kruus at surf.chimie.uqam.ca
Thu Jan 4 05:21:44 PST 2001

The vorbis source browser and newbie docs that I used to host in
are now in New York.  At least for now.  The old beta2 encoder document
has many links that work again, reflecting some of the beta3 directory

While the document still is 95% beta2-centric, it is -slowly- being
to reflect the beta3+ CVS trunk.  Vorbis newbies who are ready to jump
into browsing the
source code may still find it a useful site, though.  My own paper copy
still serves me
well after 2-3 months -- dog-eared and full of margin notes.

To keep myself abreast of things, I'm hyperlinking from the encoder
to Chris[aka xiphmont]'s private pre-1.0 experimental branch by default
until stuff mostly
winds up in the trunk so I can keep abreast of things myself.
Hopefully, most
who have use the site realize that you can switch between cvs branches
and historical versions of the code tree and display side-by-side diffs
of the
code (if the files are in the same subdirectory location) from different
So, for example, you can see how the development and trunk branches

The new site, at least "until further notice", is at


.  However,given that my group was axed, and I'm no longer employed
there, I can't
say how long they'll allow me to maintain that site.  Perhaps they'll
keep the site up
as a sort of free publicity for the company that paid me, in part, to
start the vorbis
code documentation in the first place. It was a great place to work.

Once again, e-mail me personally with complaints/fixes/comments,
(or to vorbis-dev for technical questions that everybody will benefit

Happy vorbis source-code browsing.

Erik Kruus

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