[vorbis-dev] Whitespace standard?

Beni Cherniavsky cben at crosswinds.net
Thu Jan 4 00:31:58 PST 2001

Kenneth C. Arnold wrote:
> It's not comments /* like these */, it's COMMENTS=likethese (from the
> Vorbis comments header). Look at the code; it's pretty obvious.

>From http://www.fokus.gmd.de/gnu/docs/indent/indent_10.html:
> Formatting of C code may be disabled for portions of a
> program by embedding special control comments in
> the program. To turn off formatting for a section of a
> program, place the disabling control comment /*
> *INDENT-OFF* */ on a line by itself just before that
> section. Program text scanned after this control
> comment is output precisely as input with no
> modifications until the corresponding enabling
> comment is scanned on a line by itself. The disabling
> control comment is /* *INDENT-ON* */, and any
> text following the comment on the line is also output
> unformatted. Formatting begins again with the input
> line following the enabling control comment. 
> More precisely, indent does not attempt to verify the
> closing delimiter (*/) for these C comments, and any
> whitespace on the line is totally transparent. 
> It should be noted that the internal state of indent
> remains unchanged over the course of the unformatted
> section. Thus, for example, turning off formatting in the
> middle of a function and continuing it after the end of
> the function may lead to bizarre results. It is therefore
> wise to be somewhat modular in selecting code to be
> left unformatted. 

However this is quite ugly.

We should invent a new character, a "Monty-invisible-space" :-).

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