[vorbis-dev] A masking test program

Robert Voigt robert.voigt at gmx.de
Fri Jan 5 19:54:18 PST 2001

There's a new module in CVS called 'masktest'.
I spent the last few weeks writing this program. It can measure masking
based on input from people. We need it to obtain better masking curves than we
have right now (from Ehmer...). 

It's not finished yet, but you can get a feeling of what it's supposed to
do. It will measure the masking between tone and tone, noise /tone,
tone/noise and noise noise. 

When it's ready it's supposed to be downloaded by a lot of people who then
take this test and send us a file back that contains the masking data.

There are two directories: printmask is a tool for printing the contents
of the files created during the test to stdout, masktest is the actual
Before you do anything with it, read the READMEs. They tell you much more
than I write here. There's also a huge todo list.

The source as it is now lets you go very quickly through the test, with
only 2 different frequencies, 2 masker amplitudes and 2 masker frequencies
testet. This is useful for debugging. If you want to take the entire test you
must comment something in and out in arrays.h, it's explained there. But be
warned, that takes about 160 hours. We must reduce the number of frequencies
and amplitudes tested.

There's one known bug at the moment: The masker amplitude is not properly
displayed in the coordinate system. I didn't fix it because the bug is
hidden in a mess of code, namely Testwindow::dosomething() and
Testwindow::whatsnext(). They will be replaced anyway, it wasn't worth improving. I need help
for this and lots of other things. 

I'm at wit's end with some problems and I'll be in California for only one
more week. I'm going on vacation after that and be back in Germany in
February and can continue working on it. But perhaps someone has already finished
it by then and thousands of people have taken the test :)

And please, everybody, think of a better name for the project. I was not
very creative with masktest.

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