[vorbis-dev] Oggenc - strange display output

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Wed Jan 31 04:12:23 PST 2001

Hi all:

OK, I was curious to see if I could hear any of the quality loss when going
from MP3 to vorbis (a friend wants to know).  I used the following command:

mpg123 -s 07-Dont_Let_It_Bring_You_Down.mp3 |oggenc -o down.ogg -m2 -r -

The encode worked just fine, but at the end oggenc printed up the

Done encoding file "down.ogg"

        File length:  0m 00.0s
        Elapsed time: 16m 43.9s
        Rate:         0.0000
        Average bitrate: inf kb/s

I can understand the inability to print up a running percentage, but I
would have thought the rest would be trackable, possibly further into the
process than it obviously is.

I admit this is an old version, it may even be beta2 (in fact I think it
is), so it might have been fixed long ago.  I just thought I'd (A) share it
with you and (B) let you know in case it hasn't been.


PS: Are there any plans to (again if it hasn't been done) rewrite
mp3tovorbis for use with oggenc instead of vorbise?

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