[vorbis-dev] BCB build successful?

David K. Gasaway dgasaway at bigvalley.net
Tue Jan 30 19:29:54 PST 2001

> having done just a little compiler writing in my day, I recall from my
> textbooks that the prime directive of the optimization stage is not to
> effect the symantec meaning of the program ... I believe floating
> point operations would fall into that category -- what if those were
> financial calculations?  or calculations of the optimal curvature of
> the wing of the plane your gonna ride someday?
> I think that may indicate an error of some kind (in one of the
> compiler, a bug in his cpu, a bug in vorbis, etc)

I could conceive a difference in the compilers with regards to types. 
 But I believe the code is carefully written to avoid such differences. 
 Nah, can't be a CPU bug.  Source differences are my first guess.  
If I can rule those out, then I'll consider something else.

Let me ask a question.  Does the same source wav file produce an 
identical ogg file with MSVC/Win32 and gcc/Linux?  Oh, when will I 
get my poor Mandrake back together!?

> just my oponion ....
> (david: If youd like, send me a copy of the binaries and I'll try the
> same test)

Okay, if you'd like to, you can get them here:

> OD

I'm hoping some kind person with MSVC will do me a favor.  I 
would like to try either of the following:

1) Someone could compile oggenc with MSVC, and then send me 
the source and the resulting oggenc.

2) I could download the code, and then let someone else have at it 
(the same code), and then return just the binary to me.

David K. Gasaway
dgasaway at comports.com
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30 January 2001

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