[vorbis-dev] Building vorbis - please help

David K. Gasaway dgasaway at bigvalley.net
Mon Jan 29 21:24:33 PST 2001

>   Most of your problems are with the MSVC project files. Tough - it's
> probably easier to just build your own project files. The project
> files are often out of date anyway.

Agreed.  There, I was just trying to point out a few things you might 
want to fix to make MSVC build cleaner.  I have no say.

>   Most of the rest (the actual errors) are because you're compiling C
> with a C++ compiler. C is NOT a subset of C++, unlike what some people
> seem to think. Don't expect that to work, and don't expect us to work
> around it. Set your compiler to compile as C (if it can't, then your
> compiler is for a language other than what vorbis is written in -
> we're not going to change it to that, just like we wouldn't make
> changes for someone who wanted to compile vorbis with visual basic).

Ah, the type errors.  Yes, it slipped my mind that oggenc was 
changed to a C++ file - I will fix this when I make better project 
files.  I take it back, an honest (and quite embarrassing) mistake.

> Finally, the problems with the inline assembly, and with oggenc's
> setbinmode(), are real problems. You'll need to supply a working
> setbinmode() (I'll commit it if you can send a patch), and I'll fix
> the defines on the assembly when I get a chance

The needed code would apparently be:

#ifdef __BORLANDC__
void setbinmode(FILE *f)
        setmode(fileno(f), O_BINARY);

I say "apparently" as I can't test this yet; I base this just on looking 
at some BCB documentation after a random search.  Notice the 
similarity (exact) to the Watcom code, though.

> Michael

Sigh...no advice for getopt yet.  Thank you, though.  Anyone else?

I really hope I can get this to work.  If I'm successful, then vorbis 
should be buildable with Borland's free compiler; when I started on 
Saturday, this made the project *seem* worthwhile.

[Michael: I *very nearly* did it again ;)]

David K. Gasaway
dgasaway at comports.com
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29 January 2001

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