[vorbis-dev] prebeta4 tarballs

Aleksandar Dovnikovic aldov at EUnet.yu
Tue Jan 23 10:37:33 PST 2001

"Jack Moffitt" <jack at icecast.org> wrote:

> Once again I'm providing prebeta4 releases for people to test and
> playwith.  Right now the tarballs are up.  RPMS and the like should come
> soon..
> http://www.vorbis.com/~jack/beta4/

I've tried binaries provided by Chris Moeller (thanks!), and indeed
the encoding in beta4 is ~2x faster! Now it's even a bit faster then
mp+ and lame (in vbr). Good job there. :-)
I haven't done much testing, but castanets.wav (the first file I always
use when testing new codecs/encoders) sounds worse then beta3
(using -b 192 mode), maybe because it gives lower average
bitrate (about -4kbps).
I've tried few other test tracks (mostly music clips), and pre-beta4
gave lower avg. bitrates, around ~10kbps lower (I tested only
-b 192 mode), and some of the clips sounded slightly worse
then beta3.

But since this is just the pre-beta version, I'll wait for the official
beta4 version before doing more extensive listening tests...


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