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Lourens Veen jsr at dds.nl
Sun Jan 21 23:54:14 PST 2001

Anthony Inzero wrote:
> (Just a copy of the message I sent to Vorbis, better to send it here.)
> Hello,
> 2. Another thing I was thinking of was modifying the already existing comment
> editor to be worked with a gui. Now, there is no way in Hell I can even
> attempt to make a gui, so someone to make the UI would be great. Also , if
> this feature is ever completed , is to distribute the code to CDex people so
> they can integrate it into their program.

I foresee a problem here, with the UI, namely that it won't be portable.
Unless someone knows of a good cross-platform gui package I don't see
how we can make one program that works on Windows (native gui), Linux
(GTK? QT?), BeOS (native) etc. So there'd have to be either a whole
bunch of programs, or we'd need to create an abstraction layer in
between the app and the GUI part.
> What I'm emphasizing is using the already existing standard of ID tags in
> compressed music. This would make commenting availible through a wide range of
> platforms and players.

But there's an Ogg tag standard already! (I think, Monty/Jack?)
> acualy it is teaching. Also, Anyone know of any good C Tutorials. Although
> codecs aren't very large to work on, I'm just feeling overwhelmed by HWND
> classes ect ect. Any Help , or tutoring would be greatly apriciated. So just
> e-mail me, or over on IRC on #vorbis (I'm cardboard) just Private Message me
> or something. Thanks to everyone on their helping me get CVS working and
> answering my constant barrage of newbie spam.

I'd say that you need a Windows programming book, and since I'm a Linux
guy (I switched from Dos to Linux programming wise, much easier than
Dos->Windows, but I digress) I can't really help you there.


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