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Anthony Inzero Tommy_the_Cat at operamail.com
Sun Jan 21 16:36:57 PST 2001

(Just a copy of the message I sent to Vorbis, better to send it here.)

I'm just letting everyone know that I've begun the preliminary part of putting 
together a working comment system. I have a few idea's on how to implement 
this system.

1. What I would like to do is grab the General and Input SDK's for Winamp 
first. Then I would like to add to our existing Winamp plug-in the ability to 
simply add comments via the built in ID tag editor. This could later be 
expanded to other players who already support .ogg nativly , such as Sonique , 
to have them add the code. 
(I should just wait for Winamp 3)

2. Another thing I was thinking of was modifying the already existing comment 
editor to be worked with a gui. Now, there is no way in Hell I can even 
attempt to make a gui, so someone to make the UI would be great. Also , if 
this feature is ever completed , is to distribute the code to CDex people so 
they can integrate it into their program.

What I'm emphasizing is using the already existing standard of ID tags in 
compressed music. This would make commenting availible through a wide range of 
platforms and players.

I've been learning C++ (gasp!) since september. Right now, we are doing 
exercises involving using others functions to include into are own program. 
I'd love to code everything myself , unfortunetly I can not. C and C++ aren't 
to diffrent, just a matter of syntax. However most of the stuff I am dealing 
with is advanced in C, such as structs and #defines. On top of that , I am not 
familar with the ins and outs of M$ Visual C++. If someone has MSVC++ 
experience and/or Good C Knowledge, I would them , time permitting , to 
possible work together on this over IRC. I guess it would proable teaching , 
acualy it is teaching. Also, Anyone know of any good C Tutorials. Although 
codecs aren't very large to work on, I'm just feeling overwhelmed by HWND 
classes ect ect. Any Help , or tutoring would be greatly apriciated. So just 
e-mail me, or over on IRC on #vorbis (I'm cardboard) just Private Message me 
or something. Thanks to everyone on their helping me get CVS working and 
answering my constant barrage of newbie spam.

Thanks for reading,

Anthony J. Inzero a.k.a cardboard on #vorbis

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