[vorbis-dev] DWIT

Lourens Veen jsr at dds.nl
Sat Jan 13 10:24:26 PST 2001


I can't speak for the xiph people, since I'm not an official developer,
but I think I can answer a few of your questions.

uzanne scott wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in helping out with the Vorbis and Tarkin projects (in my
> already limited time!).  I don't have an extensive background in all of the
> mathematics involved, but it looks like my mathematics from undergrad Physics
> is good enough to get a grasp on it.

It's all not that difficult. I'm currently in my first year of CS at the
University of Twente, and although I haven't yet the knowledge to
understand the details of vorbis, I'm sure that I could if I wouldn't
rather spend my time investigating video codecs. Besides, wavelets were
invented by a physicist :)
> In the past few days I've started doing some reading on the mathematical
> basics. As part of my reading, I found this GPL'd code for Differential
> Wavelet Integer-based Transform (DWIT) real-time video codec by Peter Ørbæk
> at:
>         http://www.daimi.au.dk/~poe/dwithome.html

Looks nice, although I think that the current very-beta Tarkin sources
do more or less the same. They use a 3D wavelet transform, which is
probably better than differential encoding in the time domain. You can
grab the current rather crude IMHO Tarkin code here:


> Is there a list of outstanding tasks around?  Can I do any documentation etc.?

Well, I think Vorbis comes with a TODO list, and so does that Tarkin
source. I've been doing some wavelet stuff but atm my time is rather
limited. I suppose doing documentation is always welcome, but I think
someone else needs to say something about that.


> Darrell
> btw, is there a tarkin-dev list out there?

Don't think so, but Tarkin-dev discussion is welcome here.

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