[vorbis-dev] ao hard codes -ldl in configure tests

Erik van der Knaap eknaap at lucent.com
Mon Nov 20 00:23:04 PST 2000

"Timothy J. Wood" wrote:
> >libao now needs libdl. A patch would be good, but would also have to change
> >the code in some fairly significant ways. Well, unless there's some
> >platform without libdl, but WITH all the libdl functions in a different
> >libraries. I don't know of any such platform.
libtool got a library called libltdl, maybe this can be usefull? Don't know
if it works for Darwin and Mac OS X?

--- snip snip snip README file ----
This is GNU libltdl, a system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU libtool.

It supports the following dlopen interfaces:
* dlopen (Solaris, Linux and various BSD flavors)
* shl_load (HP-UX)
* LoadLibrary (Win16 and Win32)
* load_add_on (BeOS)
* GNU DLD (emulates dynamic li
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Erik van der Knaap

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