[vorbis-dev] http://www.vorbis.com/download.new.html is down

Segher Boessenkool segher at wanadoo.nl
Tue Dec 26 19:58:04 PST 2000

Rod Taylor wrote:
> > > That said, we'd only have half the stuff to complain about if Intel
> chips
> > > were designed a little more like the Alphas and Sun's chips.  Yes,
> buffers
> > > still overflow on them but I dare you to try and execute it!
> >
> > Is this a bet? :-)
> heh.. Hmm.. no.  I know the results.

Good. :-)

(Hey, I'm no Intel fan, you know ;-)

> > on the Vorbis lists, and we sometimes don't appreciate the finer
> > points of what people are saying. So a "heated discussion" might
> > be thought of as "downright flaming". So please be easy on us :-)
> Completely agreed.  But, there is also the thought that one can learn to
> read through the cruft of a message, see the point and not take things


> Politics only gets so far until it takes a steamroller to get your message
> out.  Heck, every client I've every had keep coming back with new ideas or
> thoughts they want to get out to the world so they must (although they'll
> never admit to it) like being told very directly why something will fail or
> be held back.  They just have to remember to take the comments to the next
> step, analyze them and fix the potential problems -- or abandon ship and
> start with the next idea.
> 'Good enough' is only good enough if your willing to live with being
> average.  Problem with opensource stuff is it actually has to be much better
> before it'll be viewed as equal.  Postgres for example is atleast as stable

Depends on the audience?

> as Oracle on similar hardware and setup doing about the same job, but the
> marketing machine behind Oracle makes it seem that much better.  Thats
> something I have to undo in some tech/phb's mind once every week.

It works marvels if you tell them the cost, propose using postgres as a
temporary solution, and then it never gets changed again, as it just
keeps working. People tend to think cheaper is worse, until they see

> Vorbis is up against mp3.  MP3 is quite commercialized at the moment, and as
> such OGG will need to be better before people start switching.  It's just as
> good at the moment, and someday it'll get that small nudge that puts it well
> beyond anything mp3 codec's could hope to achieve.  Either that or someone

It's better at the moment, I think. In technical quality, that is; we need
marketing. Now, how do you sell something that's totally free?



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