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Rod Taylor rbt at zort.on.ca
Tue Dec 26 19:45:41 PST 2000

> > That said, we'd only have half the stuff to complain about if Intel
> > were designed a little more like the Alphas and Sun's chips.  Yes,
> > still overflow on them but I dare you to try and execute it!
> Is this a bet? :-)

heh.. Hmm.. no.  I know the results.

> Intel's architecture is not that much worse _per se_, but they make
> much too much little evil hacks "hey, if we do it like this, it
> will be almost like what we really wanted and still be backwards
> compatible to the abacus".
> Now about the "heated discussions": I'm not a native English speaker,
> and even then, English != American; I'm not the only one like this

No matter, non-native English typers seem to have better (as in more correct
by Oxfords standards) spelling and grammer.

> on the Vorbis lists, and we sometimes don't appreciate the finer
> points of what people are saying. So a "heated discussion" might
> be thought of as "downright flaming". So please be easy on us :-)

Completely agreed.  But, there is also the thought that one can learn to
read through the cruft of a message, see the point and not take things
personally.  That is, assumming there is a point.  If theres no underlying
point to the message, and it's not backed up in a solid manner then it is
'downright flaming'.

> (I do agree about talking overheated helps the discussion; just
> know who you are talking to).

Politics only gets so far until it takes a steamroller to get your message
out.  Heck, every client I've every had keep coming back with new ideas or
thoughts they want to get out to the world so they must (although they'll
never admit to it) like being told very directly why something will fail or
be held back.  They just have to remember to take the comments to the next
step, analyze them and fix the potential problems -- or abandon ship and
start with the next idea.

'Good enough' is only good enough if your willing to live with being
average.  Problem with opensource stuff is it actually has to be much better
before it'll be viewed as equal.  Postgres for example is atleast as stable
as Oracle on similar hardware and setup doing about the same job, but the
marketing machine behind Oracle makes it seem that much better.  Thats
something I have to undo in some tech/phb's mind once every week.

Vorbis is up against mp3.  MP3 is quite commercialized at the moment, and as
such OGG will need to be better before people start switching.  It's just as
good at the moment, and someday it'll get that small nudge that puts it well
beyond anything mp3 codec's could hope to achieve.  Either that or someone
with a great business plan will heavily push OGG putting it in the public
eye constantly -- which I suspect will happen first (early March if they
make it).

Anyway, developers here have good heads on their shoulders and I'm sure
they'll be ready to take over the mp3 world when the time comes.

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