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Rod Taylor rbt at zort.on.ca
Tue Dec 26 20:17:33 PST 2000

> > as Oracle on similar hardware and setup doing about the same job, but
> > marketing machine behind Oracle makes it seem that much better.  Thats
> > something I have to undo in some tech/phb's mind once every week.
> It works marvels if you tell them the cost, propose using postgres as a
> temporary solution, and then it never gets changed again, as it just
> keeps working. People tend to think cheaper is worse, until they see
> otherwise.

Funny how when people are buying with other peoples money they tend to buy
the most expensive, when they buy with their own they tend to look for cheap
stuff.  However, the above solution doesn't work nearly as well when your
consulting to a company.  Solution?  Find something obscure that Postgres
does that Oracle doesn't and explain why they may want it.

> > Vorbis is up against mp3.  MP3 is quite commercialized at the moment,
and as
> > such OGG will need to be better before people start switching.  It's
just as
> > good at the moment, and someday it'll get that small nudge that puts it
> > beyond anything mp3 codec's could hope to achieve.  Either that or
> It's better at the moment, I think. In technical quality, that is; we need
> marketing. Now, how do you sell something that's totally free?

I'll definatly give it equal.  My equipment isn't good enough to tell if
it's better or not.  As for marketing something thats free? Find a company
that wants to promote it and latch on trying to get all the publicity you
possibly can.  When they get a press release make sure in their list of
technologies you're listed (website / organization) and when you're called
upon for a technical release back it up with a 'and it's used at company X'.
Ie.  Partnerships.  Like I said, I know of atleast one venture thats going
to be entering the scene soon with Vorbis, and I suspect they're propably
several others.

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