[vorbis-dev] http://www.vorbis.com/download.new.html is down

Rod Taylor rbt at zort.on.ca
Tue Dec 26 18:52:13 PST 2000

> > I don't know what your affiliation with the project is but I'm just
> > to help.  I don't see any reason to respond so rudely my work, even if
> > misguided, is an honest effort to add to the value of Vorbis.
> I'm guilty of this too (years ago, a new co-worker once seriously
> discussed calling security on my officemate at the time and myself not
> realizing that we were, in fact, good friends and the raging argument
> in process was part of our normal design process).

Part of a normal design process is right, and in most cases that I've seen
it results in a better design.  I regularly get told why what I write sucks,
and as such everything I write gets a little better.  Some at work get angry
about being told what they wrote sucked and why, so we (the BSD crowd at
work) stopped doing it to them.  Know what?  Their code is the same as
before, functional but slow and often unsafe.

Code is almost never perfect, this is one way of attempting to achieve
perfection, and your right, it's very common with BSD.  Cuts down on the
people who aren't willing to learn new tricks, and makes cleaner code in

That said, we'd only have half the stuff to complain about if Intel chips
were designed a little more like the Alphas and Sun's chips.  Yes, buffers
still overflow on them but I dare you to try and execute it!

/me returns to lurking.

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