[vorbis-dev] patents and separate entropy coding

Segher Boessenkool segher at wanadoo.nl
Fri Dec 15 20:04:06 PST 2000

> In other words, Monty, i'd guess that posting your detailed patent reading,
> and your arguments,
> would calm things down, and would seal Fhg and thompson's mouths, in my
> opinion.

It would calm down mis-informed readers. It would maybe not calm down
FhG and Thompson, as putting down patent claims would seriously hurt
Vorbis, irrespective of if these claims are legitimate or not.

> I fear that if this is not done, you could be giving them space to sue you
> guys, and thus, putting away

They can sue anytime they want. If they win, is entirely dependent of the
legitimacy of their claims. (If the legal system would be perfect,
that is).

> investors possibly, and maybe putting vorbis project at risk, if xiph runs
> out of batteries...

As pointed out earlier, the investors would not be sued; they can help
Vorbis/Ogg/Xiph with some money to defend us in court, though. (If needed).

So, no investor would risk direct damages; the worst that could happen, is
indirect damages from Vorbis not being a success, because of losing a
patent trial, or otherwise. That's a normal investment risk, IMHO.



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