[vorbis-dev] patents and separate entropy coding

Bruno Barreto brunobarreto at globo.com.br
Fri Dec 15 22:11:29 PST 2000

>It would calm down mis-informed readers.

Well i'm one of them. I have never seen a spec about vorbis format....and
i'd love to...;)

> They can sue anytime they want. If they win, is entirely dependent of the
> legitimacy of their claims. (If the legal system would be perfect,
> that is).

I don't think the legal system of US nor anywhere else in the world is
That is, it is subject to pressure from big companies and to public
Why do small companies fear being sued by big companies? Take Larry Flint
of Hustler's magazine) as an example. He was right at that time, he had the
LAW proving
he was right, proving he should be able to take pictures of women's pussies
and sell it.
The public's pressure acctually influenced in the judge's decision many
before he acctually had the best judges of the country (the supreme court)
So you know... The point i was trying to make is that as soon as soon as you
prove the people and the media that you're not infringing patents, the media
will acctually help
you by marketing vorbis as a free-patents format.

Of course, if the US legal system is not subject to pressure, than, yeah i
agree with you. Here where i live the system is not fair. And by reading
news everyday
and seeing that only the big companies survive this game of "one sue each
other" i have
to belive the legal system in US is not perfect like you believe it is.

See ya dude,
keep it up! ;)

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