[vorbis-dev] Mime type

Stephan Niemz st.n at gmx.net
Wed Apr 26 05:39:29 PDT 2000

Monty writes:
> Ah, good question. Technically, vorbis uses Ogg streams (Ogg is the
> format). So, I'd say 'audio/x-ogg' is the best idea, or
> but only if it's absolutely necessary to know that the ogg stream
> vorbis data. Vorbis is not going to be the only Ogg codec. 
> Unless someone speaks up now with a valid point, I'm goign to go with 
> audio/x-ogg 
> as official. 

    Why that "x-" there? Because everybody does it that way? Why not
just "audio/ogg"? Or am I missing something?

    - Stephan.

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