[theora] NHW Project - high compression (-l6 setting and below)

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 20:18:03 UTC 2018


I would like to thank very much the Theora channel community for their
support and help!!! And even recently a Theora channel member proposed me
to freely host on his server the NHW Project website, to present the codec
on the embedded processors, MCU forums that he knows well, another member
forked my GitHub repository!!! Really thank you very much!!!

It makes me think that maybe the NHW Project will not disappear as many
great projects before like Rududu codec, DLI compression, UCI codec (x264
intra) and others... -but these projects will maybe resurrect today-.

There are some delay with the -l6 and lower quality settings because it is
difficult to create good ones, that can compete with HEVC.But it would be
so great to have some help from the community! Because I think that the NHW
Project is not dead, and I start to be more optimistic with the recent
improvements, because from -h3 to -l5 quality settings, it is very
competitive, I find it on par or better than x265 (HEVC)! And it is
furthermore royalty-free and x50 faster to encode and x15 faster to decode
than x265! With these advantages, better, very faster, free compared to
HEVC, it can maybe find a place in mobile devices, embedded devices...

So who knows, the NHW Project has maybe a future, it remains -l6 and others
high compression settings, it is not easy, not to say extremely hard (for
me) and it would be so great to have some help from the community, for
those who have some skills in codec development!!! Monty, would you know
developers that could be interested in giving little time to the NHW

Well, many thanks again to the community! and do not hesitate to test the
last version of the NHW Project that is very competitive!

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