[theora] NHW Project - high compression (-l6 setting and below)

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 21:59:10 UTC 2018

Hello Ken,

Many thanks for your reply!

Yes, I very need to adapt the NHW codec to any image size.But actually it
is the least interesting part, I don't think that it is that difficult
(compared to creating high compression settings) but it is very boring,
annoying... Really not the part that I prefer... For now, as I am jobless,
my aim is to have "pleasure" with the NHW Project and to complete all the
quality settings, in order to have a demo version on 512x512 image size
that could maybe interest someone, a company that will then maybe hire,
sponsorize me to adapt the codec to any size... Because to sum up, to adapt
the NHW codec to any image size, I will need a paid contract for it....

Many thanks again for your feedback!

2018-03-28 22:58 GMT+02:00 Spork Schivago <sporkschivago at gmail.com>:

> Raphael,
> Personally, I feel one of the highest priorities to get help right now
> should be trying to support images of different sizes.   With the current
> restrictions of 512 x 512, why would someone, let's say, on the MCU forums,
> contribute, or want to use the codec, if they physically cannot use it on
> their device because their device needs larger pictures, for example.
> I know you have more pressing needs, but it'd be nice if you, or someone
> else with codec experience (that person is NOT me!!!!!) could help
> implement that and submit a pull request to update the code to support
> images of any size.
> With the current code, you might find that the compression only works with
> pictures of 512 x 512, and using an image a lot larger could cause many
> issues.   Or perhaps, supporting larger / smaller images would require
> drastic changes in code, and you might have to rewrite a lot.
> That's just my two cents.
> If you want though, when I find some time, I can work on supporting a
> better command line parsing.   Does your codec compile under Linux?   If
> not, that's something I can try to work on as well.   But right now, we
> have been so busy, it's insane.   Trying to setup a small business
> legitimate and the Windows licensing is very confusing.   Even Microsoft
> employees don't fully understand it!    We just want to run Windows in a
> couple of VMs on a Linux box, along with running Windows on a workstation.
>  Turns out we need to purchase Enterprise Edition with Software Assurance
> and maybe VDI licenses for every device that's going to connect.   My
> wife's laptop, running Windows 10 Home legally cannot connect remotely,
> because it has to be Pro or higher.   Not sure about the Linux machines.
>  They said a reseller would contact us (which they said before, but for
> some reason, it was never entered into the system).
> But I guess that last paragraph has nothing to do with your codec really
> (except the command line parsing and Linux support).   Just needed to vent
> a little!
> Sorry!
> Spork Schivago
> On 28 March 2018 at 16:18, Raphael Canut <nhwcodec at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to thank very much the Theora channel community for their
>> support and help!!! And even recently a Theora channel member proposed me
>> to freely host on his server the NHW Project website, to present the codec
>> on the embedded processors, MCU forums that he knows well, another member
>> forked my GitHub repository!!! Really thank you very much!!!
>> It makes me think that maybe the NHW Project will not disappear as many
>> great projects before like Rududu codec, DLI compression, UCI codec (x264
>> intra) and others... -but these projects will maybe resurrect today-.
>> There are some delay with the -l6 and lower quality settings because it
>> is difficult to create good ones, that can compete with HEVC.But it would
>> be so great to have some help from the community! Because I think that the
>> NHW Project is not dead, and I start to be more optimistic with the recent
>> improvements, because from -h3 to -l5 quality settings, it is very
>> competitive, I find it on par or better than x265 (HEVC)! And it is
>> furthermore royalty-free and x50 faster to encode and x15 faster to decode
>> than x265! With these advantages, better, very faster, free compared to
>> HEVC, it can maybe find a place in mobile devices, embedded devices...
>> So who knows, the NHW Project has maybe a future, it remains -l6 and
>> others high compression settings, it is not easy, not to say extremely hard
>> (for me) and it would be so great to have some help from the community, for
>> those who have some skills in codec development!!! Monty, would you know
>> developers that could be interested in giving little time to the NHW
>> Project?
>> Well, many thanks again to the community! and do not hesitate to test the
>> last version of the NHW Project that is very competitive!
>> Cheers,
>> Raphael
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