[theora] NHW Project - quality improvement for -l3, -l4, -l5 settings

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 06:53:29 UTC 2018


Thank you very much for following the NHW Project! As it is quite difficult
to try to have a place in the codec world and try to innovate, support from
the community is very important and appreciated!

Many thanks again!!!

2018-03-28 1:11 GMT+02:00 J.B. Nicholson <jbn at forestfield.org>:

> Raphael Canut wrote:
>> Any feedback welcome!
> Thanks for keeping us all updated with your progress!
> I don't know much about image & movie encoding but I try to keep up with
> what's going on in the free world, so NHW is of interest to me. I thought
> you'd appreciate knowing that your updates are read.
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