[theora] NHW Project - some update

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 17:58:00 UTC 2018


Again I thank very much the Xiph forum members for their help and
consideration for the NHW Project, really.I also realize I was a little
unfair with Monty as just saying that Xiph.org can totally give some web
space to document and advertise the NHW Project is already a very big help,
it gives credit to the project,...!

But the reality is that the NHW Project is a nearly dead project... Since
2-3 years so so few people took a look at the NHW Project, and I have
contacted some companies and they were not interested, for example I could
go a little far with Intel thanks to a very nice and impressive engineer
from Intel who wrote an article on the new codecs and quoted my work, he
passed on my work to an Intel video compression director and the answer was
that the NHW Project is not interesting... I must also say that this video
compression director is the Intel MPEG representative...

So very soon, when the new video compression standard: AOM or MPEG
establishes, the NHW Project will quickly disappear (or die of old age), so
finally I don't know if it's really worth to make a website for the NHW
Project whereas it will soon disappear...

There was still the opportunity to replace MotionJPEG, but the author of
the study told me that in fact MotionJPEG is not used for its performance
but because JPEG is widely supported...

So again, despite all the encouragements I had on this channel (and I thank
you so much again), I still think the NHW Project has not and will not find
an interest in the industry and will soon disappear with the new standards

For now, I am waiting for the confirmation that I will start my new job in
September-October (alternating Master's at University and with a company),
and I don't know if I will really have time for the NHW Project then, I
have also furthermore an other project that interests me a lot...

Are there motivated people who wants to take over the NHW Project from
September-October? Spork? Others?

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