[theora] NHW Project - speed comparison with x265

fboehm fboehm at aon.at
Thu Nov 30 10:58:08 UTC 2017

Hi Raphael,

since quite a while I'm reading your updates on your NHW project with 
great interest.

I have to admit I'm no video codec developer. My interest in video 
codecs is pretty simple. Several years ago I was working on a 
(non-commercial) video streaming project that I wanted to base on an 
open-source video codec. Those I was constantly scouting for open source 
video codec innovations.

I appreciate your enthusiastic work on such a complex project like 
writing a video codec. As you already realized it's similarly 
challenging to attract other people to join or use a new video codec.

What I unfortunately can say for sure is, that it's almost impossible to 
attract mobile/semiconductor industry to embed such a codec into their 
chipsets. Instead you have to find some other (maybe niche) use-case 
where your codec works well and can blossom. As an example, maybe some 
sort of decentralized/peer-to-peer Internet enthusiasts would enojy 
using your codecto develop some sort of open-source alternative to Skype.

To make a long story short: to gain more publicity you really have to 
create a website with visual presentations of your codecs quality. And 
please, please, please present your results in an appealing way. In the 
base case use a javascript-image-slider effect. Example:


And of course it would be great if Xiph could host your demo website.

All the best,

Am 2017-11-27 um 20:33 schrieb Raphael Canut:
> Hello,
> I am very slowly working on the NHW Project.I recently made a speed 
> comparison with x265 and wanted to share it with you.
> On my processor Intel Core i5-6400, in average the NHW encoder (totally 
> unoptimized) is x10 times faster to encode than x265 (png decoding time 
> removed), in average 30ms vs 300ms for a 512x512 24bit color image, and 
> in average the NHW decoder (totally unoptimized) is x3 times faster to 
> decode than x265 (output to .ppm file), in average 10ms vs 30ms.
> As a reminder, x265 is ultra optimized, so with good C optimization, 
> SIMD optimization and multithreading, the NHW codec will be x40 times 
> faster to encode and x12 times faster to decode than x265 or even more, 
> so this confirms that the NHW Project could be a good candidate for the 
> mobile device market.
> At mid-compression, quality-wise I find (visual tests) that the NHW 
> codec and x265 are on par, sometimes more neatness is better, sometimes 
> more precision is better, and a lot of improvements remain to be done 
> for the NHW codec.
> If there are engineers from mobile device companies on this forum, could 
> you consider the NHW Project or is it too late it will be AOM AV1 or 
> HEVC despite their high power consumption?
> Monty, would it be possible that the NHW Project has a Xiph.org page to 
> encourage and boost its development?
> Any answer welcome!
> Cheers,
> Raphael
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