[theora] NHW Project - speed comparison with x265

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 19:33:38 UTC 2017


I am very slowly working on the NHW Project.I recently made a speed
comparison with x265 and wanted to share it with you.

On my processor Intel Core i5-6400, in average the NHW encoder (totally
unoptimized) is x10 times faster to encode than x265 (png decoding time
removed), in average 30ms vs 300ms for a 512x512 24bit color image, and in
average the NHW decoder (totally unoptimized) is x3 times faster to decode
than x265 (output to .ppm file), in average 10ms vs 30ms.

As a reminder, x265 is ultra optimized, so with good C optimization, SIMD
optimization and multithreading, the NHW codec will be x40 times faster to
encode and x12 times faster to decode than x265 or even more, so this
confirms that the NHW Project could be a good candidate for the mobile
device market.

At mid-compression, quality-wise I find (visual tests) that the NHW codec
and x265 are on par, sometimes more neatness is better, sometimes more
precision is better, and a lot of improvements remain to be done for the
NHW codec.

If there are engineers from mobile device companies on this forum, could
you consider the NHW Project or is it too late it will be AOM AV1 or HEVC
despite their high power consumption?

Monty, would it be possible that the NHW Project has a Xiph.org page to
encourage and boost its development?

Any answer welcome!

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