[theora] NHW codec - improvement of precision (Daniel Hendrycks)

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 08:50:53 PDT 2012

Hi all,

Very quickly if it could be of interest, I have added on my demo page (
http://nhwcodec.blogspot.com/) a higher quality setting for my codec
(nhw_encoder.exe filename.bmp -h1).Files are larger of 3-6Ko.Precision is a
little better.This is a first version, the quality setting is certainly not
optimal for now...

If you could find little time, any suggestion or improvement would be, as
usual, very appreciated.If you also think that this thread would be more
appropriate on another discussion group, also do not hesitate to let me

Many thanks again,

2012/6/13 Raphael Canut <nhwcodec at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> Just a quick message to let you know that my codec is now opensource, and
> I'm very happy with it.
> I have also just corrected 2 little errors in my previous version, and so
> this new version is a little better.I have updated the source code and
> binaries links on my demo page ( http://nhwcodec.blogspot.com/ ).Any
> comment or question about the codec is very welcome.
> -I have also nearly validated 2 next higher quality settings (+5Ko and
> +8-10Ko in average), if it could be of interest, also do not hesitate to
> let me know.-
> Again, the only real "advantage" of my codec is that it is a fast codec,
> with notably a very fast decoding time I think.
> Very quickly to finish, if there would be some projects with open calls
> for new and low-complexity technology, and that my codec could be of
> interest, please do not hesitate to let me know (would be very helpful).
> Many thanks,
> Raphael
> 2012/6/6 Jason Self <jason at bluehome.net>
>> Raphael Canut said:
>> > this can be easily corrected.
>> Then please do.
>> > The problem is that my codec is absolutely not finalized (my algorithm
>> is
>> > definitely not good on the 5% of rather compressed and "very blurred"
>> images... > and that's a major drawback...), the source code would also
>> really
>> need to be
>> > cleaned up...
>> The free software movement is not a technical movement. All of the things
>> you've
>> mentioned can be improved, and none are prerequisites to putting it under
>> a
>> proper free [1] license now.
>> [1] http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html
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