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Thu Oct 14 00:55:19 PDT 2010

Hi , if I dare to go a bit off-topic , I would say my thoughts about current
solutions for theora playing in IE.

Currently apart from IE and safari 100% of the browsers can read OGV. Those
2 browsers represent 50% on my websites.

Safari is a special case. Quicktime always works and java is preinstalled on
MAC. I usually propose to install the QT Xiph plugins.

IE is difffent, installed windows plugins can differ over the visitors, few
years ago Java was preinstalled in most cases and people really need it. Now
I see 20% of my visitors that don't have java installed and launching
cortado will ask them to go througha 15 MB download and at least 30 seconds
install just to play a Video.

 But a new solution arised few months ago : Chrome Frame.

By triggering through IE User agent detection the installation of chrome
frame can start automaticthis ally or you can use the offline installer. The
bad news is that it's even Bigger than Java installer  : 20MB :-(

But after this installation, Your website ( and most big google websites )
appear as fast as in Chrome.

I do think if you have issue with Java, that chrome frame is a solution to


2010/10/13 Greg Hendley <ghendley at us.ibm.com>

> I have need to make an .ogv file available on IE6. I am using
> cortado_latest.jar to make this happen. Hovering over the playing video
> causes the status bar to appear as expected. In the status bar the play
> button, pause button, and stop button all work as expected. However the
> slider has no effect. I have examined and tried several of the parameters
> but see nothing that would make the slider in the bar work. When using
> Firefox to view the same file the slider works.
> Any suggestions?
> --Greg Hendley
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