[theora] Guess everyone saw this already?

Basil Mohamed Gohar abu_hurayrah at hidayahonline.org
Thu May 20 12:55:23 PDT 2010

On 05/20/2010 03:49 PM, Orton AKINCI aka .-_-. wrote:
> i totally agree with that!
> theora will always have a historical importance because it is also
> political, not only practical ! It is a battle already won.
> theora will always be primary format for my videos. it is a political
> choice for me in accordance with the politics of my works. I am not
> even using any fallback option for my web videos. not even mv_embed.
> whoever wants to see my "free" videos should use/switch to a real free
> browser that supports ogg theora. this is also in accordance with the
> idea of copyleft . maybe i can think of webm as a fallback option (if
> technically possible). just may be....
> thank you all those at xiph for your good work and keep it on!
> .-_-.
> http://httpdot.net/.-_-./
> -----

Your enthusiasm for Theora is great, and we'll definitely need to keep
supporting it moving forward, but I don't see why using mwEmbed would
compromise any of the freedoms that Theora has brought - the latest
version ONLY supports Ogg Theora video, it just allows rendering that
video either through the browser natively, through the OS natively, or,
as the last option, through a Java applet.

Perhaps it's that last option that you dislike, and I can totally
understand that.  But some people don't have a *choice* as to what
browser they can use, for whatever reason, and tools like mwEmbed will
at least grant them access to your content and that of others.

Additionally, WebM, at a cursory glance, IS as free as Ogg Theora is,
for all practical purposes, so for the same reason we've been using Ogg
Theora, we can also use WebM.  In fact, supporting it moving forward is
important because the more people behind the free standard the more
momentum it will gather.  There's no reason not to support both, but I
don't think WebM should be abandoned just because it's not Ogg Theora.

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