[theora] CPU with integrated GPU

Richard Watts rrw at kynesim.co.uk
Thu May 20 06:28:54 PDT 2010

Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:
> I'm not sure if you've followed the posts where I've blatantly
> advertised /Libre Video/ (librevideo.org), but I actually intended that
> website to be a resource for, amongst other things, developers such as
> yourself to collaborate on free software implementations of royalty-free
> codecs for hardware purposes.  The site is still in its infancy, but let
> me know what you think about that, and what I can do for you and others
> like you to facilitate truly free-and-open hardware-accelerated
> implementations of codecs such as Theora, VP8, and so on.

  I'd noticed - looks fun and useful :-); thank you!

  I'm really just canvassing support at the moment; if there are others
interested, we'll want to organise ourselves in terms of mailing lists
and working out which repositories to commit to - I am guessing neither
Theora nor WebM want us to dump non-working code into their repos per
se, but they might be willing to accomodate branches.

  If there are a reasonable number of open source developers who want
to do this, I'll have a go at persuading the semi vendors that this
is something they want to get involved in - I imagine nVidia might
be interested for a start.

  If there aren't, I guess we go it alone and hopefully dump an initial
  release on everyone when we have something that builds; people can
then decide where it should live and whether to work on it or not ..


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