[theora] Oggcodecs release 0.83.17220

Cristian Adam cristian.adam at gmail.com
Mon May 17 04:19:00 PDT 2010

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 11:20 AM, informatique Mille babords
<informatique at millebabords.org> wrote:
> Hello cristian.
> Congrats for this new release of dsShow filters. this could be a great
> alternative to cortado as a <video> fallback.


> However, for a long time I tried To use it for playing distant http files.
> it seems sometimes to fail and other times it starts after a long time, like
> it was downloading the whole file before playing it.
> Here is two exemple file I try to play :
> http://www.millebabords.org/video/HD_1900_marseille_jtregional_160110.ogv
> http://www.millebabords.org/video/npaMBPart1.ogg
> I only tried on my XPSP2/WMP11 machine which is using a squid http proxy to
> connect to the net (Set directly in WMP network settings)
> I plan to open a bug on xiph bugtracker, but at first sight , did you (and
> people on this list)  experience such problems with New version of oggdsf?
> I confirm that with native wmv files this problem does not occur.

I have noticed that WMP is connecting after a while when using squid http proxy.
I have tested Absolute Classic Rock radio

Windows Media Player, as far as I know, for WMV is using it's own
filters and it might
not use the "File Source (URL)" DirectShow Filter.

On my machine (XPSP3/WMP11) both Vorbis stream
(http://ogg2.as34763.net/vc160.ogg) and the
MP3 Stream (http://mp3-vc-128.as34763.net/) had problems connecting to
Absolute Classic Rock website.

I think this is a problem with "File source (URL)" filter and the
squid http proxy.


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