[theora] theora video plugin ? videolan plugin?

Jason Self jason at bluehome.net
Sat Mar 27 10:22:36 PDT 2010

mysoogal mysoogal <alexander.alisani at gmail.com> wrote ..
> hi, I'm Alexander a
> just a question ? is there a reason why there shouldn't be a web
> player for theora in Mozilla FireFox ? 

Firefox already includes built-in support.

> or Internet explorer ?

IE is, well, from Microsoft. :)  It has support via Silverlight, I believe.

> I'm thinking to compile videolan player with theora support only and enable
> the web plugin interface, it would replace the cortado player and possibly
> provide a better alternative to flash video plugin in linux when somebody
> starts a youtube type of site powered only by theora codec and theora video
> plugin ?

Don't the latest GNU+Linux browsers already include support for Theora, with the 
video tag? My copy of gNewSense included a browser with support.

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