[theora] theora video plugin ? videolan plugin?

mysoogal mysoogal alexander.alisani at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 05:17:46 PDT 2010

hi, I'm Alexander a

just a question ? is there a reason why there shouldn't be a web
player for theora in Mozilla FireFox ? or Internet explorer ?  I'm thinking
to compile videolan player with theora support only and enable the web
plugin interface, it would replace the cortado player and possibly provide a
better alternative to flash video plugin in linux when somebody starts a
youtube type of site powered only by theora codec and theora video plugin ?

I'm been trying to compile videolan for 2 weeks I've failed each time and i
do not know where to ask for help, I've been asking in the videolan forum
but not much there. so I'm looking for your help in compiling the videolan
player without those extra modules and video codecs, there is already good
javascript support here http://revolunet.github.com/VLCcontrols/  whats
missing to make a theora video plugin is somebody taking the time to compile
the videolan player without the extras.

so please if you, have some experience with compiling videolan, please try
to compile a small version of the player with only theora support

thank you, i hope the developers someday make a official theora player that
isn't based on java
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