[theora] theora video plugin ? videolan plugin?

Twisted Lincoln, Inc. forum at twistedlincoln.com
Sat Mar 27 14:08:56 PDT 2010

I'd be very interested in knowing if there is a way to easily remove 
support for patent encumbered codecs in FFMPEG (and by extension, VLC).  
I've been trying to manually remove the codecs one at a time, but there 
are so many it's taking forever...

My plan is to eventually maintain a free format only fork of FFMPEG to 
use as the basis of creating legally distributable variants of the 
various FFMPEG powered projects (like VLC).

Has anyone else looked into this?

Tony Lovasco
Twisted Lincoln, Inc.

>> I'm thinking to compile videolan player with theora support only and enable
>> the web plugin interface, it would replace the cortado player and possibly
>> provide a better alternative to flash video plugin in linux when somebody
>> starts a youtube type of site powered only by theora codec and theora video
>> plugin ?
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